Rock Bottom Interview: John Fallon

September 13, 2005
By Tim Nydell

John Fallon

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How did you get so interested in horror movies?

John: It was the typical taboo thing - my parents didn’t want me to watch them so I watched them. Basically - wasn’t able to watch Nightmare On Elm Street... so I’d go to a friend’s house and watch it - get scared shitless and loved every second of it. That’s pretty much what got me hooked.

I noticed you’re in Saw 2 coming out this year... is it a big part?

John: No, it’s not a big part - it’s a small part with a couple lines, but the part does act as a major plot turn for the film. It was a blast for me.

Is it going to be as good as the first?

John: I think so. I’m not allowed to say anything, but from what I’ve read I really enjoyed it. I do think that we learn a little too much about Jigsaw - where in the first one Jigsaw was a mystery. I personally enjoyed that. But it’s a sequel so they had to think of a different direction. So we’ll see how it plays out. I haven’t seen the whole film yet, but I have seen bits of it - and from what I’ve seen so far so good.

When does it come out?

John: October. Halloween - I think. Yea, they didn’t waste any time.

You seem like a busy man - you write, act, produce, and run a website... What else do you do on your spare time?

John: I work. (Laughs) That’s actually one of my problems - I take on too much at the same time. Then I start losing my marbles. I burn out now and then - take a day to sleep then start over again. It’s definitely multi-tasking - and it’s very challenging. Maximum work doesn’t mean maximum money - especially in the film industry. So when your bills start creeping up on you - it’s a stressful existence to be honest. But I love it so I have to do it.

Are there any movies coming out this year that you’re looking forward to?

John: At this point in the year... not really. I’m looking forward to Saw 2 for more reasons than one. Slither by John Gunn - that’s either coming out this year or early next year. I’m looking forward to seeing Transporter 2, which I haven’t seen yet. It’s not a horror film, but I love action films as well. I’m going to catch that this weekend when I get some time for myself.

What about past movies that have come out this year - any of them blow you away?

John: Yeah, there was a couple. Devil’s Rejects... shit I’d have to check my site (laughs). Shutter - it scared the living shit out of me. I just watch so many movies - I don’t retain as much as I used to. I felt that last year was more impressive in terms with films.

Do you think the horror genre is fading these days?

John: Well, it’s definitely being milked. We have TV shows now - everything is about horror. This year has been one of the busiest for me on the site. Usually I like to review older films, but I didn’t get the chance because there was always a new one coming out every couple weeks. Why don’t you guys lay back a little bit so I can get some spare time. (Laughs) I think they’re riding the wave - but of course what goes up must come down. I do think the market will become saturated. And horror would most likely go back to the obscurity that it was before Scream. And then it will start the cycle all over again. In my opinion. At the end of the day it’s just a cycle.

I think they’re making too many PG-13 horror movies.

John: I don’t mind if a film is shot for PG-13. Like Emily Rose is a PG-13 film - even on the script... they didn’t cut it down so I could be PG-13. But a film like Cry Wolf was initially an R rated film, but they cut it down so they could get more butts in the seat. That fucking pisses me off. I’m in Canada so it costs me twelve bucks - why go to the theater and pay that when I could get it on DVD for twenty bucks and get the R rated or Unrated cut?

So what are you working on right now?

John: I got commissions to write a screenplay called Trance 1.5. We’re probably going to be shooting that either early or mid next year. The producer and the director both liked it - so that’s good news. I have a part in Dante Tomaselli’s next film The Ocean. And I’m also polishing up the screenplay for Recon 2 - I have a small part in it also.

Can you tell me about Pain Killer?

John: Pain Killer is a project of frustration. I had a property with a big studio for a while... and it was in development for about a year. It was looking good, but after a year it flopped. It really pissed me off because I really put in a lot of time and effort in getting this film off the ground. Long story short - we went to see the new Punisher film... we got out of there fairly disappointed about it because we’re big fans of comics. So I started thinking about what I would do if we could make a vigilante film. So after many beers we pretty much came up with the Pain Killer idea. It was a really tough shoot, but one of the best experiences of my life to be honest. Everyday I’m killing people - shooting guns - shooting a bazooka - I get the girl. Fun times.

So what’s your favorite comic book movie then?

John: My favorite one is Superman 2. Watching it today you can see that there’s a little bit of choppiness in terms of Donner’s footage and the other director - you see a little choppiness and the Gene Hackman body double, but it’s still one of my favorite ones.

Are you looking forward to the new one coming out next year?

John? I am. I’m actually happy that Singer is keeping the same feeling and vibe. I heard they were getting the Brando footage to put in the film. So it’s actually going to feel like Superman 5. Except everyone is younger - but who wants to see a 50 year old Lois Lane? It’ll be hard to step into Christoper Reeve’s shoes - this new guy looks the part though. Let’s see if he can act.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

John: Women - does that count? (Laughs) I love Big Mac’s. I love booze unfortunately. Chopping Mall that definitely a guilty pleasure. Maximum Overdrive - the most under-rated film of all time. Cobra with Stallone - that’s one of my biggest guilty pleasure. It’s not a good film on paper, but it’s a violent festival of mayhem which I totally appreciate.

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career?

John: The site is a big accomplishment. It’s a part of - and a friend of mine which happens to be Joblo asked me if I wanted to start doing horror reviews. So I did. I didn’t think it would go anywhere - I didn’t even try to make it go anywhere. Then within a couple months I started getting a lot of feedback from people in the industry. And five years later... here I am. I’m happy that it’s big and at the same time to retain a non-commercial feel. If I ever sell out that’s when I close the site down. Pain Killer is a big accomplishment - I wrote in it, starred in it, co-produced it. To get something off the ground through all of these years of development hell - it was quite refreshing.

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