Rock Bottom Interview: Hurt

December 29, 2007

By Tim Nydell

 Interview with
J.Loren of Hurt
Give me some background on the band.
The band started in Virginia, about eight or nine years ago --- a very slow growth.  Things really picked up when I ran into my manager.  Then we went to record a demo for another record company - in fact it was Capitol.  At the time the session drummer we had was Evan Johns - obviously a very good drummer, and I was having troubles with the current drummer of the band.  So Evan asked me if he could be a part of it, which struck me for unusual for a session drummer.  So in the process of trying to shop around for a major label, and I'm skipping much hardship, the bass player at the time decided he couldn't hack it anymore and called it quits.  Then we were searching for another bass player while we were shopping record labels.  We're a very steady band, and a very hard working one.
Where did the name of the band come from?
The name came from the music.
Your first two albums are called Volume I and Volume II, should we expect a Volume III to be next in line?
Volume III will not be the next album, because I think that's a little bit cheesy to go 1, 2, 3.  In fact I almost did an album in between one and two. 
Why was there only a year between the two albums?
We recorded Volume I and Volume II at the same time, and we actually re-recorded Volume II because we could --- and I thought we could make it better, which we did.  So it was actually a normal album cycle.
What are some of your goals for the band?
Right now, there's this tremendous problem with popularity.  I don't think that enough people know about the band, that's not to say that I ever want the band to be something where people say, "Oh my god, turn that off - I'm so tired of hearing that" ... I just wish it would be spread around a little more.  And that's the immediate goal.  Of course we have to live one day at a time.  I just want to make good music, all I want to do is make music that people enjoy. 
Tell me about Volume II, what's going on in that album?
The majority of the songs on Volume II were legacy songs, unfortunately a lot of people think they're all about one topic or something like that --- but I personally don't think albums like that are very entertaining.  Almost all the songs are about different topics.  They range from talking someone away from suicide to schizophrenia ... all those lovely topics. 
Tell me about "Ten Ton Brick".
Well, I don't really talk about the meaning --- I don't think that one is too difficult to figure out, it's a metaphor --- and a pretty obvious metaphor.  "Ten Ton Brick" is unusual to the sense that it's the first song of Hurt's that was recorded with the help of another writer.  Paul, the guitarist, was playing the main riffs and I was simultaneously working on something that was in my head --- and I told him that I had something that would go with that.  So he kept playing it, and I transferred my chorus.  And after a little bit of work, we got Josh's input and started changing bass lines in there - and the creative content went together.  I was real excited to see my band taking shape again - and being a band of brothers at the same time. 
What would be your dream tour?
I guess my dream tour would just be headlining Hurt.  That would be awesome.  I'd like to do long shows every night, and play whatever I wanted.  I'd like people to have a good time, and we wouldn't have to play popular tunes - we'd just play what we like.  Like Elvis Costello, but obviously he's not a role model for me ... just sort of like that. 
What's in store for 2008?
We have a very good tour coming up.  That should keep us busy for the first six months.  That's all we have planned at the moment.  I want to make more time for recording - more time for writing.  Writing is my joy in life.  Those are my plans for the near future.
Tell me something that people don't know about you.
Usually there's a very good reason why people don't know.  (laughs)  In my opinion I think that I'm a dirtbag - and the farthest thing from a role model.  And I prefer that people don't do what I do.  If I start talking about myself, unfortinately people wouldn't really get it, and some young people may think that those are the things to do.  I'd rather just remain anonymous, in fact I didn't even want my name published at all.  Labels fuck that one up. 

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