Rock Bottom Interview: 8Stops7

April 27, 2008
By Tim Nydell

Interview with
Evan Sula-Goff of 8Stops7
Let's start from the beginning, where did the name come from?
The name came from all of us sitting in the backyard, we had a God-awful name... Haze ... that was our first name.  The reason why we came up with that, we needed a name for our first show.  We played six months together and booked our first show on my 21st birthday, we were sitting around trying to think up a name, and we thought of Haze.  The same day we played the show we sat around and the drummer came up with 8 Stops Nowhere, referring to the continuous symbol... continuous 8 as in infinity.  He thought it was cool imagery, and I did too, but I didn't like the way it necessarily sounded.  So I threw out, "How about 8Stops7?"  And it worked.  After that we thought it made sense on a deeper level, (laughs) again this was a long time ago, we thought of a lot of things that year... 7 symbolizes completion... like bad luck, 7 years bad luck... 7 years of plague... 7 days a week... 7 is always the number, and 8 is infinity.  We just thought it was cool, infinity stops completion... that we can move on and keep moving forward.  So that stuck, and that's where we are now. 
What have you guys been doing since we last heard from 8Stops7?
Right now, we're working on another record.  We released In Moderation in '99, and toured nationally for three years.  AOL and Time Warner merged and dropped every band on their roster that hadn't sold over one million records in the previous year.  Our manager owned way too much of us, and that was the reason why we found it difficult to get signed back after the merger was done.  It took about four years to get out of the agreement with him.  They dropped the bands around 2002 and started re-signing bands in 2003, they dropped all these bands with the promise that we're all getting signed back.  Mind you, we sold over one hundred thousand records... that's not a drop in the bucket, that's substantial.  Really, what it came down to was that our manager owned so much of us that we were actually signed to the agreement with Warner through him, he signed to Warner and we signed to him.  They didn't want to deal with him anymore, so they dropped him... then we couldn't do anything because our hands were tied.  Besides that, I took time... tried to solve our issues with management.  It took about a year after we ended our management crisis to get the ball rolling again, and by the ball rolling - I mean playing shows and make our new music.  We released a record on our own in 2006 called Bend, and that's through  What we want to do right now, what we want to do more than anything is back it up with major tours... and right now our main focus is working on the new record.  We actually have a date set, the end of May or beginning of June.  We have about twenty-two tracks to choose from, we're working with a friend of ours who is a producer... he's really good.  The focus right now is to put out a record that we're 100% proud of, we're very proud of Bend, but there's certain aspects that feel rushed.  It's taking us a while to get back on our feet from that whole crisis.  There was a point when it was only me and two other original members, at this point right now... the whole band is back.  We have all original members, it just feels so good.
During your battle with the label, did you ever think about starting a new band or at least changing the name to get around the legal issues?
I'm loyal, I'm really loyal to the guys that came with me and got me to the place I'm at - musically and mentally.  We could have done things like that, we could have changed the name, but we also didn't want to disconnect ourselves from the fans we already had.  All we had at the end of it all was our name, that's all we had to go on... that wouldn't have helped us out of the contract, he wasn't just the owner of that name, he was an owner of us as people.  That's just what you get when you're twenty-two years old and asked to sign your life away.  We thought about it, but it didn't feel right.
Tell me about some of the new songs you're working on for the new album.
The heavy songs are heavier, the lighter songs are more thought out.  There's great hooks, not intentionally, some of the songs have hooks that we want to jam with for eight minutes because you don't want to get out of that mode.  It's going to really showcase how much we've grown, but it's still going to be same straight from our souls music that we've always put out.
Is MySpace your official band website now?
It is, in fact we have that just funnels you back to MySpace.  We have a couple people that we're talking with right now, the main push for us is going to be this record, we really don't want to do too much until the record is done ... just put it all out as a package.  We have people helping us design the website, it's going to be out before the end of this year for sure.  But at this time is the best updates for us, we're also on, we have a "demand it" button. 
The music scene really has changed a lot since your first record, how have you guys adapted to the industry since then?
Musically wise, fads come and go ... I'm not really too concerned with that.  Musically, I don't think we're going to have too much electronic stuff going on.  I think the bar has been raised as far as what gets added in, ear candy... noise... I think the bar has been majorly raised.  Everybody knows the formula now, everybody talks about it now... that never used to be talked about, they used to know that the producer would do that for them.....
Now bands are the producers....
Exactly.  And that's where we have grown, we're more involved with that now and have been for the last two or three years.  The most important thing is getting out our energy, our vibe, our soul out there into the world. 
You mentioned a tour coming up, will you be headlining?
It's probably too early to tell, we proved in the few tours that we did right before we got dropped, and a few tours we've done since then that there's a lot of areas that we can headline, but at this point it's about getting the word out to those people.  So with a push from the next album, that's the plan.  This next record is fire in our asses to get things going.  Every piece of information will be on MySpace, I wrote my first blog on MySpace the other day. 

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